Woodworking and Semiconductors Buck the Trend: Dec 2016 Industry Analysis

Posted By Tom Feltham on 13 January 2017

Posted in Kitmondo Blog

Buyer interest in used equipment slowed in December as seasonal trends took hold. As expected, many markets experienced negative growth on November figures. The woodworking, semiconductor, construction and broadcast industries did buck the trend, posting positive figures.

Buyer Interest by Sector

Used Equipment Category Nov-Dec Change
Used Woodworking Equipment 33.14%
Used Semiconductor Equipment 8.86%
Used Construction Equipment 2.32%
Used Broadcast Equipment 0.22%
Used Test Equipment -8.69%
Used Printing Equipment -8.98%
Used Lab Equipment -14.12%
Used Plastics Equipment -14.79%
Used Manufacturing Equipment -20.14%
Used Metalworking Equipment -20.93%

Negative growth in manufacturing and metalworking of 20.1% and 20.9% respectively represented the worst figures posted by a market in December. However, positive growth in the metalworking industry in November will give encouragement to the sector ahead of the new year.

Buyer interest figures quoted were based on analysis of buyer search volume and purchase activity between December 1 - December 30.