31% Growth in Used Equipment Market During Q1

Posted By Kitmondo on 06 April 2017

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Buyer interest in used plastics equipment jumped by over 30% in March, building on similar growth in January. Broadcast and lab equipment also saw a large increase in buyer interest last month.

Overall, used equipment buyer interest grew by 31% during Q1.

Buyer Interest by Sector

Used Equipment Category Feb-Mar Change
Plastics Equipment 33.75%
Used Broadcast Equipment 12.49%
Used Lab Equipment 12.38%
Used Construction Equipment 5.51%
Used Woodworking Equipment -0.46%
Used Manufacturing Equipment -1.63%
Used Test Equipment -5.73%
Used Semiconductor Equipment -6.64%
Used Printing Equipment -14.82%
Used Metalworking Equipment -24.21%

Overall growth for the used equipment market was 1.07% on top of the 30% increase in buyer interest seen from January to February. Despite positive figures for Q1 overall, March saw a trend toward negative growth in a number of markets.

Buyer interest figures quoted were based on analysis of buyer search volume and purchase activity between March 1 - March 31.