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2N is a leading European information, communications and technology company operating worldwide, specializing in the development and manufacture of telecommunication solutions which are exported to more than 125 countries around the world. The 2N product portfolio includes door & security intercoms, IP public address systems, M2M solutions and a wide range of GSM/UMTS gateways, LTE/UMTS routers and PBXs, focusing on SME, LME, system integrators and operators.

Based in Prague in The Czech Republic, 2N has 200 employees and was formed in 1991.The company aims to reduce phone costs and increase the effectiveness and reach of direct marketing. Also they are heavily involved in security and intercom solutions.

With the aim of creating new, even more successful solutions, 2N re-invests huge amounts in research and development, and production. Although they primarily concentrate on intercom solutions, they also focus on other segments in their portfolio such as operator solutions and M2M, as well as paying close attention to providing effective support to the distribution network and service.

2N are world renowned for their GSM Gateway products. Using VOIP, companies can save huge amounts of money on phone costs and ensure excellent ROI on direct marketing campaigns. The 2N® StarGate VoIP is a modular VoIP GSM/UMTS Gateway which can have up to 32 channels. It is an ideal tool for cutting company costs or direct marketing. Blue star and Sim stare are variants on the VOIP gateway designed for smaller companies with smaller budgets.