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AnaCom Inc

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Anacom Inc. is a global provider, designer and manufacturer of satellite communications equipment. Anacom offers complete solutions for satellite communication networks such as broadcast, data and voice communications. Anacom equipment is used extensively in the defense, military, aerospace, entertainment and electronics industries.

Anacom is an innovator in the field of C and KU band transceivers and specializes in the manufacture of this equipment. Anacom also provides a range of other products, including rack mounted converters, ELsat, BUCS and baby Bucs, SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifiers), networking tools and VSAT equipment. With over 25,000 users worldwide, Anacom equipment is used by homeland security in the USA, but also has been implemented in air traffic control, mobile technology and used during Mount Everest expeditions.

Anacom receivers are compatible with a range of hardware and available in many configurations including C and Ku band, extended, super extended, Russian, Palapa and Insat options.

In recent news Anacom’s Kromos IP technology has been acclaimed at the World’s IP communication awards and has enhanced its service and software options to support its range of VSAT products.