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Thales Angénieux

Thales Angénieux is a manufacturer of camera lenses for cinema & television production, and surveillance & security applications. Founded in 1935 by French engineer and optician Pierre Angénieux, the company was originally named les établissements Pierre Angénieux and focused solely on cinema equipment. The company has a long and famous history which includes producing the first zoom lens in 1954, and supplying the camera lenses for the Apollo 11 moon landing. As well as a notable contribution to scientific history, in 1989 Pierre Angénieux was awarded an Oscar for his lifetime contribution to the film industry. The company was acquired by Thales Group in 1993 and renamed Thales Angénieux.

Angénieux camera lenses include the Optimo Zoom range of lenses for the cinema and television production industry, the Optimo DP range (first launched in 2008) for more economical large-sensor digital cameras, as well as solutions designed for live 3D capture.

Angénieux also provide solutions for surveillance and security with lenses which are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions. As well as the security industry, Angénieux provide night-vision equipment for the defense industry including solutions for fighter pilots, helicopter pilots and special forces.

Angénieux head offices are based in Saint-Héand - the same town where Pierre Angénieux first installed a workshop to manufacture lens parts in 1937. Angénieux also has offices in the U.S. and Singapore.