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Applikon ADI 1025 Autoclavable Bioreactor Fermentor
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Indiana, US

Applikon Bioreactor / Fermentor System

System includes:

Applikon ADI 1010 Bio Controller
Applikon ADI 1025 Bio Console
AppliSens Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Z010023520 dO2/0...135°
Applikon P100 Stirrer Motor
Temperature Sensor
Applikon ZC8130HB01 Heat Blanket
Applikon 1 Liter 1/0.5 barg Glass Reactor/Vessel
All Required Cords and Cables
BioXpert Lite Software

Condition: Very nice, very clean condition with extremely little wear (ONLY 257 HOURS!)

Functionality: Fully functional! Just attach cables, and load software to your computer and you're ready to go!

Applikon ADI 1010 Bio Contoller features and specifications:

ADI 1010 Bio Controller, The Smart System.

The ADI 1010 Bio Controller is the smallest and most intelligent controller in the Applikon product range. It is specially developed for process development in laboratory scale bioreactor systems and offers you an easy to use and powerful instrument that excels in accurate and dependable process control.

The ADI 1010 Bio Controller is Applikon's new generation adaptive process controller for autoclavable and steam-in-place bioreactor systems up to a 20-liter total volume. The ADI 1010 controls pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, foam/level and stirrer speed. Controlling strategies are configured specifically for each user. With this, the ADI 1010 provides you with a "smart" adaptive control system tailored to your particular process.

Technical Specifications ADI 1010:

The Bio Controller ADI 1010 is a controller for running bio processes in autoclavable bio reactors. Available control loops:

• pH,
• Temperature,
• Dissolved oxygen,
• Level / Anti-Foam (contact or no-contact),
• Stirrer speed (manual or remote control)

The control algorithm for pH, Temp. and dO2 is based on three ingredients (PID): "P"roportional control (controller output relates to current deviation from set point) "I"ntegral control (controller output relates to integrated deviation from set point) "D"erivative control (controller output relates to the deviation trend)

The Bio Controller ADI 1010 is capable of ADAPTIVE PID CONTROL, which means that the PID control parameters are adapted for changes in process characteristic.

In case the controller is started without historical data, it starts with "moderate" control data. The JUDGE evaluates the response of the Process-Output and decides whether a new identification of the Process Characteristics is required.

IDENTIFICATION is executed based on small variations in set point value (to both sides); the character of the process is identified through the way the process control reacts to these minor disturbances in set point value.

Finally INTERNAL MODEL CONTROL converts the identified process character into new PID control parameters.

Identification is based on a measuring and verification process. During this interval, process control is carried out based on current control parameters.

Note: The identification process for pH and dO takes approx. 15 . . 20 minutes. Temperature control is characterized with a much slower response; therefore the identification process for temperature control takes approx. 90 minutes.

In case the Bio Controller has collected process data from previous runs , it can continue control based on this history or can restart based on the default parameters.

Sensor Input Specifications:

The installed input amplifiers have the following specifications:

pH amplifier: Range: 0 - 14 pH
Accuracy: ± 0.01 pH
Rin: > 1015 O
Temp. amplifierer: Type: Pt-100
Range: 0 - 150°C
Accuracy: ± 0.1°C
dO2 amplifier: Type: Polarographic
Range: 0 - 500 %25 (air)
Accuracy: ± 0.1 %25
Level amplifier: Type: On/Off signal
Sensitivity (firmware selectable)
High: > 26 µS - 100 %25
Low: > 200 µS - 100 %25

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!


Member since: August 2013

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