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Barber Colman Bourne & Koch 4-Axis CNC Gear Hobber
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Model 6-16, Series C-1 Machine
Suitable For The Hobbing Of Straight Spur &
Helical Gears, Pinions, Splines, And
Other Workpieces Of Similar Profile Up To 6"
(152.4Mm) Diameter, 16.5" (419Mm) Face-Width
Serial #54383267995 (Rebuilt With Retrofit 1995)

In 1995, The Machine Has Been Re-Manufactured And
Retrofitted With Cnc Controls With Gear Cutting
Software By The Bourn & Koch Machine Tool Company.
The Machine Provides Fully Automatic Cycles And
Operates Without Change Gears For Index,
Or Speed And Feed, Etc.

Equipped With:
Series "C-1" Machine Platform With Extended Bed,
Over-Arm, And 16.5" (419Mm) Axial-Slide Travel,
With Hardened And Ground Bed-Ways
Standard Swivel Hob-Head W/Anti-Friction Bearings
And Hob Servo Motor Along With Automatic
Fully Automatic Hobbing Cycles Via Num 1062H "Cnc"
Control W/Pendant Arm And Crt With Gear Hobbing
Software, Servo Motors And Koll Morgan Drive
Package For The Following Axes: Hob Spindle Rpm
(B-Axis), Work Spindle Rotation & Index (C-Axis),
Radial Feed (X-Axis), Axial Feed (Z-Axis)
Cnc Control Software Features Operator Conversational
Dialogue With Selection And Input Of The Following
Cycles And Data: Axial Hobbing With One Or Two-Cut
Cycle, With/Without Shifting, With/Without Radial
Approach, Climb Or Conventional Hobbing, Change Of
Hob Rpm, Feeds, Feed Direction And Approach For
Second Cut, Dwell Cycle For Radial Hobbing (Plunge
Feed For Worm-Gears)Axial Hobbing, Crowning And
Taper Hobbing, Skip-Feed, And Various Other
Triple-Thread Index Worm And Gear Set For Work-Head
With Anti-Friction Bearing Work-Spindle
Collet Chucking Assembly For Work-Spindle
Automatic Load/Un-Load Assembly With Part Locator
Tailstock With Lever-Operated Adjustable Flat-Center
Automatic Power Forced Lubrication To All
Working Elements
One (1) Hob Arbor
Full Complement Of Electrics, (Motors/Controls/
Switch-Gear Cabinet)
(Arranged For 460 Volt, 3-Phase, 60 Hz Operation)
Self Contained Coolant System

Maximum Diameter Work-Piece 6" (152.4Mm)
Maximum Diametral Pitch (Module) 16 Dp (1.6 Module)
Maximum Hob Diameter 3" (76Mm)
Maximum Length Of Hob 3" (76Mm)
Maximum Hob Swivel Range +/- 45-Degrees
Maximum Hob-Shift Travel 1.5" (38.1Mm)
Max. Distance Work-Spindle Face To
Tailstock Center 21.75" (552.45Mm)
Distance Work-Spindle Face To
Centerline Of Hob-Spindle, Max. 18.75" (476.25Mm)
Centerline Of Hob-Spindle, Min. 2.25" (57.15Mm)
Distance Centerline Of Work-Spindle To
Centerline Of Hob-Spindle, Max. 3.375" (85.725Mm)
Centerline Of Hob-Spindle, Min. 0.25" (6.35Mm)
Maximum Hob Slide Travel 16.5" (419Mm)
Hob Speeds, Range 133 To 533 Rpm
Feeds, Range, Inch Per Revolution .015 To .150 Ipr
Work-Spindle Overall Diameter 3.625" (92.075Mm)
Counter-Bore Diameter 1.75/1.7515"
Counter-Bore Diameter (44.45/44.4882Mm)
Bore Diameter For Shafts 12"
(304.8Mm)Length 1.5" (38.1Mm)
Bolt Circle Diameter 3" (76Mm)
Index Worm Gear Pitch Diameter 5.7" (144.7Mm)
Max./Min. Number Of Teeth Cut 300 To 4 Teeth
Main Drive Motor 2 Hp 1200 Rpm
Coolant Pump Motor .25 Hp 3600 Rpm
Lubrication Pump Motor 1/20 H 1800 Rpm
Machine Overall Length 71.5" (1803Mm)
Machine Overall Width 20.07" (510Mm)
Machine Overall Height 70" (1778Mm)
Machine Overall Weight (Approx.) 2,750Lbs(1,250 Kg)

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Barber Colman Bourne & Koch 4-Axis CNC Gear Hobber.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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