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Canon (Imaging) is a subsidiary of Canon, The Japanese Multinational Corporation. Formed in 1934 as Precision Optical Products in Ota Tokyo, the company became known as Canon Camera Co in 1947 and then just Canon in 1969.

The first major innovation was in 1934 when they created Japan’s first 35mm camera, called the Kwanon.

Canon, in the modern era, is famed for its Imaging, Optical products, Camera (both analogue and digital), Camcorders, Photocopiers, Steppers, Printers, scanners and medical equipment.

The EOS system is an example of the possible future of Canon’s product range as it expands into Cinema. With 70 interchangeable lenses the EOS C300 is widely used in the motion picture industry as it is the most compact and lightweight hand-held camera available to film crews. The cameras are widely used in confined spaces, such as inside cars and aeroplanes, and on board radio controlled helicopters.

The industries catered for by Canon are personal and professional photography, scanning and imaging in medical research and health sectors, videoing and camcording, photocopies and printers across all aspects of business life, scanners and machinery for archiving and restoration in all aspects of industry, motion picture work and various products in the optical sector. Indeed 21% of the world’s market share in these sectors are with Canon.

New technology is seeing Canon move into the mobile phone and data transmission industries with its Canobeam innovation using scanning functionality to send data across devices, wirelessly.