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Cincinnati Milacron

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Cincinnati Milacron is a provider of solutions in plastics machinery, hot runner technology and systems, mould technologies, large part machining, and metal cutting fluids to industries all over the world.

The company also offers mould bases,  related tooling and components for injection mould making and injection moulders including aftermarket maintenance, repair, and operating items for plastics processing and mould making. Milacron also provides retrofit and rebuild services for older equipment. In addition, it provides large part machining equipment, coolants, lubricants, forming fluids, process cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors for metal working industries.

Milacron offers its products and services for various industries, including automotive, industrial components, industrial machinery, building materials, job shops, aerospace, appliances and housewares, oil and primary metals, off-road equipment, consumer goods, medical and electronics.

Founded in 1884, Cincinnati Milacron has offices and agents throughout the world and sells in all continents. The company has grown steadily over recent years, acquiring businesses such as Kortec Inc., a supplier of co-injection moulding technology for making barrier packaging and Industrial Machine Sales Inc. (IMSI) and its sister company, Precise Plastics Machinery (PPM), a plastics business based in Texas, USA.

The business is extending its product offering by opening its High Impact Technical Centres, first with one in Mexico and now its newest site in Irvine.

Cincinnati Milacron employs over 4,000 employees across the world.