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Cintel International is a UK based manufacturer and producer of professional post-production equipment for transcribing film into video and other data formats. Founded in 1927 by John Logie Baird, as the Baird Television Company, the company later became Cintel in 1934. Cintel equipment was heavily involved in the WW2 war effort, providing specialist photoelectric cells, and cathode ray tubes. In the post war period Cintel was involved in the development of equipment for the BBC and launched the world’s first flying spot telecine.

Cintel was acquired by the Rank Corporation in 1958. In the mid 1960’s the company launched the revolutionary model Mk II Telecine with twin lenses able to support both 35mm and 16mm. In 1977 the first Rank Cintel Flying Spot Scanner was introduced into North America and jump scan functionality followed. Cintel was acquired by Blackmagic Design in 2012.

Cintel is renowned for the invention of the MK IIIB with progressive scan CRT and a Digiscan system that helped to make the world’s first enhanced SDTV, in 1993 the company released the Rank Cintel Mk III with HDTV. This functionality was used across television, satellite, entertainment, film and electronic industries.

Blackmagic Design has retained the Cintel brand and continues to launch Cintel equipment, launching the Cintel film scanner in 2014. Cintel equipment continues to innovate within film and audio production industries.