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Cintel Millennium HD Telecine Scanner
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Millennium HD is a cinema scanner for post-production, film mastering or film restoration. Millennium HD produces bright, clean images, and it’s unique colour control system enables accurate and precisely repeatable colour tones, which can be easily manipulated to achieve a distinctive and individual ‘film look’.
At the heart of Millennium HD lies a new cathode ray tube light source, Hi-White, which significantly improves performance to give images which are sharper and less noisy than those using the traditional CRT package.
It is capable of scanning at all resolutions and in all formats - in fact it is the only commercial film scanner capable of handling film formats from Super 8 to 65/70mm.
Film format:
16mm, Super 16mm – single gate;
35mm, Super 35mm – single gate;

Film type: negatives, intermediates, prints colour, black and white
Lens: Cintel 35 mm-f/2.8
Image control:
6:1 zoom range
X and Y pans
Variable aspect ratio; fixed 4:3, 16:9, anamorphic
Dynamic focus and astigmatism control
X and Y scan geometry correction and control
Default scans setting of sizing, position framing and geometry
Scan protection

Image control:
(Colour)Broadband 16-bit digital RGB colour channel
Lift, Gamma, Gain
Black and White compression
YUV Aperture Correction
6-vector Secondary Colour Correction
Isolation: Hue, choice of vector width
Effect: Hue, Saturation, and luminance control
Output blanking for letterbox format
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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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