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Cisco Systems Ltd

Cisco Systems is a USA based multinational conglomerate, based in San Jose, California. The company provides networking solutions used throughout the world. Formed in 1984 by two members of Stanford University computer support staff, Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack. Cisco Systems were involved in the emergence of network equipment solutions which helped improve the global communications industry.

The company’s growth centered on the CPU-based architecture of early Cisco equipment coupled with the flexibility of Cisco operating system IOS. This led to a position of strength and innovation in the 1990’s when the internet marketplace expanded.

Cisco grew through acquisition in the 1990s and 2000s acquiring mobile specialist Starent Networks that resulted in the ASR5000 product line, Ethernet based businesses Kalpana, Grand Junction, and most notably, Crescendo Communications. As the company strove to be a more identifiable household brand Cisco shortened its name and developed new product lines, such as Flip Video and Linksys.

Currently Cisco equipment ranges include corporate solutions such as borderless networks, IP collaboration, virtualization and data center management, high-end routing and switching fixed and mobile service provider networks, broadcast video contribution/distribution, entitlement and content delivery systems. Cisco equipment ranges include a variety of hardware, from routers and servers, to telephony products and teleworker solutions, used in call centers, data security products and wireless LAN options.