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Though it wasn’t until 1981 that Australian engineering company Codan produced its first satellite RF subsystem for AUSSAT, Codan had already been trading for nearly 25 years. Currently Codan equipment is used across the world for defense, military, communications, electronics and home entertainment industries.

Codan was formed in 1959 as EILCO and released the 6104 HF Transceiver, its first high frequency radio in 1961. The Codan brand formed in 1970 when EILCO merged with Associated Electronics Services, an Australian electronics company. Though Codan was world renowned for HF radio products the company moved into Ku-Band satellite transceivers, then in the late 1980’s launched the revolutionary automatic tuning whip antenna.

Codan continued to manage the Australian satellite development in the 1990’s and in 1997 the company won awards for Excellence in Innovation and Commercialization from the Electronics Industry Association for its 5700 series C-Band satellite transceivers. Codan expanded further into satellite equipment when in 1998 it acquired MITEC, a Queensland designer and manufacturer of high power satellite amplifiers and digital microwave radio technology.

Codan launched a Military and Security Division in the USA to provide HF radio equipment and handheld satellite applications for worldwide defense and government organizations. The UN, US Africa Defense and the World Health Organization solely use Codan equipment for their satellite technology.