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Comtech EF Data

Comtech EF Data is a company, based in Arizona USA that specializes in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. A subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp, a global leader in communications, satellite and electronics, Comtech EF Data provides a range of products, such as integrated SatCom infrastructure solutions encompassing advanced VSAT solutions, satellite modems, RAN & WAN optimization, network & bandwidth management and RF products. Comtech equipment is used extensively in the military, defense, communications, electronics and entertainment industries.

Comtech EF Data offers a full range of support services, including consultancy, implementation and training, spare parts and legacy warranty. ESS Prime is a premium service designed to support mission critical networks and fast code upgrades. Comtech offer a software development and integration service allowing new users to use Comtech products along with existing processes.

The latest VSAT options support many specialist industries and a wide range of applications, including maritime and offshore communications, satellite mobile backhaul with RAN optimization, IP trunking and backhaul, corporate and enterprise networks, emergency and disaster recovery.

Recent Comtech equipment includes a network planning tool, helping traffic and network planning for Comtech EF Data products and link budget analysis. Also the company has released the new range of CDM-570A and CDM-570AL Satellite Modems, supporting DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier bandwidth compression, VersaFEC low-latency LDPC and optimized transmit filter roll off applications.