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Disco Corporation

Founded In 1937, as Dai-ichi Seitosho Co. Ltd DISCO Corporation was headquartered in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan. Initially the company created machines for industrial abrasive wheel manufacturers but eventually grew to be a global provider of precision electronics tools.

Today the company manufactures dicing saws and laser saws to cut semiconductor silicon wafers and other materials, grinders to process silicon and compound semiconductor wafers to ultra-thin levels and polishing machines to remove the grinding damage. This machinery is used extensively in the electronics and PCB sectors across the world.

Disco is renowned for innovation. Dating as far back as 1968 the company revolutionised cutting when it developed and released an ultra-thin resinoid cutting wheel, MICRON-CUT and enhanced the process further when it released an automatic scriber and dicing saw in April 1975. In 2010 the company received Intel's prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement award.

Recent product launches include the ultra-high precision DFS8960 surface planer which supports 300 mm wafers, the Stealth Dicing Laser Saws for 300 mm wafers and, in 2010, the award winning ZHDG electroformed hub blade series.