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Doka Doka Framax Xlife
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We sell an stock of 711 sqm - used Doka Framax Xlife Formwork in good conditions.

63 Framax Xlife panel 2,40x2,70m
6 Framax Xlife panel 1,35x2,70m
14 Framax Xlife panel 0,90x2,70m
43 Framax Xlife panel 0,60x2,70m
14 Framax Xlife panel 0,45x2,70m
27 Framax Xlife panel 0,30x2,70m
32 Framax Xlife panel 1,35x1,35m
16 Framax Xlife panel 0,90x1,35m
26 Framax Xlife panel 0,45x1,35m
4 Framax Xlife universal panel 1,20x2,70m
4 Framax Xlife universal panel 1,20x1,35m
16 Framax Xlife universal panel 0,90x0,90m
8 Framax Xlife inside corner 2,70m
590 Framax quick acting clamp RU
323 Framax multi function clamp
200 Framax adjustable clamp
307 Framax universal fixing bolt 10-16cm
26 Framax stop-end-tie
144 Framax wedge clamp
53 Framax bracket 90
2 Framax lifting hook
1 Doka 4-part chain 3,20m
1 Framax transport gear
10 Doka stacking pallet 1,55x0,85m
2 Doka stacking pallet 1,20x0,80m
50 Panel strut 340 IB
52 Panel strut 540 IB
191 Prop head EB
20 Doka express anchor 16x125mm
40 Super plate 15,0
552 Supporting head H20 DF
50 Tie rod 15,0mm 1,00m
125 Tie rod 15,0mm 1,50m
305 Climbing cone 15,0 5cm
29 She-bolt 15,0 5cm
517 Suspension cone 15,0 5cm
13 Doka multi-trip transport box 1,20x0,80m

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Doka Doka Framax Xlife.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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