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Electrovert produce wave soldering technologies for industries across the world. They offer the most advanced wave soldering systems providing support in the high volume and middle to high volume manufacturing sectors, such as communications, Circuit Board assembly, motherboard, IT hardware and semiconductor industries.

Formed in 1951 in Montreal Canada, and now part of Speedline Technologies Group, Electrovert has always been at the forefront of wave soldering technology. In 2010 they launched two products to ensure system reliability, process flexibility and fast changeover in high and middle volume manufacturing.

The Electra product delivers world-class wave soldering results, lead-free processing capability and a wide selection of process enhancing features. Electrovert targets the Electra range of wave soldering machines at high volume manufacturers.

VectraElite combines innovative technology in an accessible platform. Through the VectraElite range of wave soldering machines, Electrovert aim to provide businesses with the tools necessary to achieve a zero-defect process at a low cost.

Both products have received high level accolades. Electrovert won the EM Asia Innovation Award at NEPCOM in Shanghai in May 2011 and the soldering services won two China Vision SMT awards at the same event. These awards rewarded innovation, research & development and the value and productivity enjoyed by the end user.

Launched in May 2011 VectraES features exceptional system-wide accessibility, an advanced control system and innovative sub-system technologies. Optimized for low-to-medium volume production, the VectraES provides the ideal balance between performance, functionality and cost effectiveness.

In 2014 updated wave soldering products are to be launched reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to the needs of manufacturers and lead free processing.