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Fujinon are manufactures of camera lenses, used in the broadcast, film and audio industry especially Television, and also binoculars. Fujinon is part of the world renowned global company, Fujifilm. Fujifilm were founded in 1934 with the aim of making photographic film. The business now has over 35,000 employees worldwide and from its headquarters in Tokyo produces a wide range of products, such as colour film, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment and chemicals, colour paper, medical imaging equipment as well as photocopiers and printers. Fujifilm products are widely used in filming, photography, graphic arts, printing, medical, electronic and engineering industries.

Fujifilm have several camera lens products available for many different industries for instance The Fujifilm FinePix series of digital cameras ,Fujifilm X-mount compatible Mirror less interchangeable-lens cameras like the X-Pro1,Compact cameras like the FinePix F-series and FinePix Z-Series, X100, and X100S, Waterproof and shockproof FinePix XP-Series digital cameras.

They have a range of instant cameras, such as The Clear Shot series of 35mm compact cameras, Instax series of instant camera and the Fotorama series of instant camera.

However the Professional film cameras such as the GW670, GW690, GF670, GF670W and Fuji GX680 6x8cm medium format cameras are used in the film industry while the Fujinon camera lenses are the most widely used television lenses in the world.

Fujinon have worked in conjunction with other filming equipment providers, such as Arri, and their joint innovation has created the Arri 45-250mm Zoom lens, the world’s first 250mm zoom lens, used for modern cine filming, with high optical performance and is very portable and small.