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GE 2005 GE
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5-2005 GE PET CT Specification Details
Tube rated at 440m A and top kVp of 140 Manufacture: GE
Model: Discovery ST (PET/CT, 16 Slice BG0 Crystals DOM: 05/2005
Console Type: Discovery ST SW OWS
Imaging Processing and Review System: Linux 2.4 18-24561_XFS_12.0smp Tube Manufacture: 6.3 Performix Tube. Tube changed 2/20/2015
Current mAs: 24019051
Total slices 328706
Scan Seconds 116519.6
Current Exam count: 18818.
Gantry Revolution: 120420
Patient Table: M odel / NIF2 Henning,
What are the accessories included: : Head. Coronal Head and Foot board, table straps. Table pad x 2, cardiac monitor, console table
DVD Multi-Recorder: Yes. Optical Disc (5.2GB) and DVD SCCS1 Software level: (12/19/14, revision)
Software Options: PET 2D. Connect Pro, PET Diagnostic CT, PET Base, patient 16 slice, 3000 Image Series, Power 440, 90kVa, Vani View, Smart Prep. Direct 3D, Smart Speed. Auto rnA Option ID 25e9dd6
Service Records and Error Log: YES
Last OEM - FMI performed: Last PM 3/2016 Regular maintenance and replacements as needed

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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