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Grass Valley

Founded in Quebec in 1959 by Dr Donald Hare, a sound engineer. Early Grass Valley equipment was panoramic sound systems for Cinerama INC in California. Grass Valley dominated the processing and video editing fields in the USA and Canada during the 1960’s and 1970’s with revolutionary editing processes and post production techniques and in 1968 ABC used Grass Valley equipment for the broadcast of the Mexico Olympics.

In 1974 Grass Valley was acquired by Tektronix Inc. and was able to market its new range of routers globally and in 1978 the joint company was taken over by cable company Bell and Howard, in the early 1980’s Grass Valley manufactured the world’s largest router, a 440 to NASA.

After more years of acquisition and growth the company eventually became part of the Thomson Multimedia business, merging its own network broadcast concerns with Parker Vision, a robotic camera company. Subsequently this company was acquired in 2010 by USA communications company Belden. Grass Valley has been retained as a brand manufacturing and providing solutions for companies seeking workflow solutions in the industry. Grass Valley provides end-to-end television production and content distribution workflows that enable broadcast equipment efficiency and profitability.

Still based in Montreal, Grass Valley products are used extensively in the entertainment, communications, electronics and aerospace industries and specialize in manufacturing management, global services, television broadcast equipment, live production, news and distribution.