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Hartness International

Founded by the Hartness family, with a background in soft drink bottling from Greenville, South Carolina, the company originally provided packaging equipment to the beverage industry. Now seen as a leading producer of packaging solutions the company provides products such as engineering services, warehouse automation, automated case picking, robotics, shrink wrapping, UV Inks, sustainable packaging solutions, packaging equipment and systems integration from its base in Illinois.

The Servo 2900 series, released in the mid 1990’s was able to manage a huge capacity of bottles and reduces the level of error, damage to bottles and human interaction. The Dynac 7000 was able to automatically expand the usable conveyor surface to virtually eliminate down-streamline stoppages and was powered by Allen Bradley technology in a collaboration that still exists today. In the late 1990’s the company launched the Globalpack, a machine capable of 20,000 hours operation without service. In 2009 Hartness was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a NYSE top 100 company and global machine producer.

In more recent times Hartness has launched into the robotics industry. Still retained as an ITW brand, in 2010 Hartness released an automatic loading and high level pallet management tools, along with automated case picking software.

Industries using Hartness equipment include distribution, warehousing, food and beverage, home furniture, manufacturing and electronics. ITW recently acquired Meurer Gruppe of Fürstenau, Germany. An end-of-line solutions supplier to the packaging industry, meaning Hartness equipment is now able to provide solutions across the entire packaging sphere, allowing expansion into Europe and the Far-East.