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Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG

Operating in over 170 countries worldwide Heidelberg Druckmachinen AG is a German manufacturer of printing machinery and provider of solutions to the print media industry.

Founded in 1850 by Andreas Hamm as a bell foundry and machine factory in Frankenthal, Germany it wasn’t until 1905 that the company became involved in printing press machinery.

Heidelberg now offer a range of machinery that delivers sheet feed, offset and digital printing solutions, along with parts and assembly services in precision mechanical operation.

The products are widely used to print advertising material, educational material, brochures, posters, folding cartons and materials and labels. Research and development is still based in Heidelberg and production is carried out in various sites globally, including Amstetten, Brandenburg, Kiel, Langgöns-Oberkleen, Leipzig, Ludwigsburg, Wiesloch Shanghai (China), Nové Mesto (Slovakia), St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Sidney (USA).

Sales are handled by distribution agents throughout the world. A key part of Heidelberg’s current research is focused on environmental requirements. New products carry the Heidelberg Saphia ECO seal, which aims to reduce resource consumption and lower the carbon footprint of the machines.

Since 1962, when Heidelberg made the leap from letterpress to offset printing, offset products have revolutionised the world’s printing industry. In 1974 the world’s first  four-color machine, the Speedmaster 72 V  was introduced  and then a year later  the two-color Speedmaster 102 ZP in the 72x102 centimeter format was launched and acclaimed. The Speedmaster continues to be a major brand and in 2008 the new Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 models were launched and the Speedmaster CX 102 was awarded Top New Product at the 2011 IPEX awards.