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IDEXX are a company based in Maine, in USA, that makes laboratory, medical and bioscience equipment for the veterinary and water quality industries. With over 4,700 staff across 60 worldwide locations IDEXX support over 50,000 veterinary practices globally.  They offer advanced medical care equipment and aim to help practices increase staff productivity and practice performance.

IDEXX offers a range of solutions to provide diagnostics and information technology for animal and clinical health and also, to help analysis into water and milk quality. The product range includes pet side testing instruments, digital radiography and clinical blood analysis and, their BIND super cooler technology has helped prevent dangerous breakouts, such as e coli and salmonella.

Founded in 1983 by scientist entrepreneur David Shaw, IDEXX launched two initial businesses. One produced diagnostics for food contamination and was used immediately by the US government. The other business offered diagnostic and detection solutions for animals. Shaw acquired Vet Test SA and Environetics in the mid-1990s and is able to provide vets and government agencies cheaper testing kits that revolutionized the cost and scope of lab analysis.

IDEXX found acclaim with their initial range of products, including the Flock check, an approach to checking poultry for salmonella and dangerous bacteria, and the Cardio pet service where Vets are able use a helpline to access expert medical support for their pets.