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Founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in October 1945 in Staffordshire, England JCB is a global designer, producer and distributor of heavy equipment. From a lock up in the late 1940’s, when Bamford built individual machines by hand JCB equipment extends over 300 product lines and has 22 manufacturing sites in the world in every continent and JCB products are sold in over 150 countries.

JCB is renowned for innovation and patented invention. In the late 1950’s JCB launched the "hydra-digga" incorporating the excavator and major loader as a single all-purpose tool useful for the agricultural and construction industries and in the early 1960’s the JCB released the world’s first 360-degree excavator the JCB 7. In 2005 JCB completed its first company purchase, the German equipment firm Vibromax and further investment in backhoe devices led to the creation of a specialist  factory at Ballabgarh in Haryana, India. This site has become the world’s largest backhoe loader manufacturing facility.

Today JCB equipment includes a wealth of products ranging from tractors and wheeled loaders to excavators, Vibromax contraction equipment and a range of military vehicles which also concentrate on load-handling and excavation. JCB also provides specialist phones and communications equipment for use on site. JCB also has a subsidiary for insurance and financial services, focusing on machinery insurance and leasing, and a local school; the JCB academy. The company also permits its logo and brand to be used to sell other items such as boots and clothes.