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Juki is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial sewing machines. It also produces sewing machines for the home or hobby market, and surface mount component placement machines for electronics manufacturing, mainly printed circuit boards.

Founded in Japan in 1938 Juki launched their first household sewing machine in 1947. Then the industrial sewing machine in 1959. Operating from bases in Hong Kong, UK and USA, with headquarters in Tokyo, Juki are world leaders in the field of sewing machinery and surface mount technology.

In February 2013, Juki and Sony Corp. entered negotiations to discuss a merger of their electronics equipment businesses.

Industrial sewing machines are widely used not only for the clothing industry but also for the manufactures of bags, shoes, furniture, car seat and leather goods.

The household sewing machines provide rich and varied sewing life through high grade sewing functions and Juki offer high-level models that can make embroideries, sewing machines only for utility purposes, and semi-professional small over lock machines that can meet the needs of professionals.   

Juki also offer a range of products using surface mount technology and are a pioneer of modular type Pick & Place machines. Juki provide the modular method to construct a line by connecting multiple unites for the first time in industry. The modular method has become widely used and Juki have the advantage of general-purpose machines that can correspond to various parts such as connectors and ICs.

A new model, "CX-1" ventures into a new field, which can contain bare chips that are more delicate than ordinary parts and have very high mounting precision.