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Juki - Pick and Place Machine

Juki have several ranges of pick and place machines, used extensively to print circuit boards in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

From their headquarters in Tokyo Japan, Juki manufacture placement machines mainly in North Carolina, USA. The JX100 product, for flexible and compact work, combines high production capacity with its versatility at a reasonable cost. This system is best suited for a company starting out in surface mount. It is both easy to operate and compact, resulting in a smooth installation. It has superior cost performance with 19,300CPH (Laser centering/Optimum) (0.187 sec/chip).

The JX100 was awarded the Global Technology Award 2008 in the pick and place section specifically for its cost benefits, suiting smaller companies and new entrants to the marketplace.

The KE series has several product including the KE302V .This is a 7th generation modular placement machine from Juki and represents the latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality.  It supports a hybrid feeder mix of electronic and mechanical feeders with up to 160 dual lane electronic 8mm tape feeder capacity per machine.  Maximum board size is 22”x24”. The KE3020V is the ideal solution for package on package placement supporting a linear and rotary fluxer for highly accurate placement.

The FX series caters for a bigger work requirement Developed under JUKI’s “3E EVOLUTION” concept, the ever evolving FX series has been redesigned for ease of use, efficiency, cost effectiveness and increased expandability and compatibility. Using new, highly efficient linear servomotors, lightening and stiffening the head unit, and reviewing the placement sequence allow for an effective tact of 0.040 s/chip (90,000 CPH).