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We offer for sale single-screw extruder CFE-699-A-04 for polymers produced by KELLER (USA), manufactured to the order of KOBE STEEL (Japan) and DUPONT license. The extruder has the following parameters:

The overall dimensions of the extruder, taking into account the reduction gear and the engine - length 12 meters, width -2.5 meters, height -1.5 meters, overall diameter of the housing with a heating-cooling jacket -950 mm, screw diameter -600 mm, screw length -7800 mm. The total weight of the extruder without spare parts is 40 tons.

The working pressure in the case is up to 300 bar, the working temperature of heating the melt is up to 300 degrees

The average productivity for polymers is 40-50 tons per hour

The extruder is equipped with a parallel reducer of the company POWER-TECH INTERNATIONAL (FOOT-JONES) type 2503-HLE, explosion-proof electric motor SIEMENS 355L 250 kW, magnetic coupling DYNAPAR 53Z.

The extruder is supplied with a spare working screw and a full set of spare parts and automatics.

The extruder can be used for the following types of productions:

1. Industrial production of various types of products from pellets and waste polymers.

2.Industrial production of terraced board and other products made of wood-polymer composite.

3. Industrial production of pellets from peat, sawdust or their composites.

4. Industrial production of gum acids and peat wax from peat.

5. Industrial production of synthetic rubbers and their derivatives.

6. Feed briquetting.

7. Industrial use as a press for non-edible oils.

8. For pumping resins and other high-viscosity substances (in this case, the productivity can be increased to 200 tons / hour).

9. Production of cellulose.

In stock 2 pieces. New, in the original packaging.Very low price

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Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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