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Komatsu Ltd

Komatsu was originally known as Komatsu Iron Works and was founded by Takeuchi Mining Industry in the late 1920’s as a subsidiary to make industrial tools for the parent company. Komatsu eventually spun off on May 13, 1921 as Komatsu Ltd. The company grew quickly in the 1930’s with a range of tractors and agricultural equipment and was central to the Japanese war effort with a range of military tractors for the Japanese military, as well as bulldozers, tanks and howitzers.

Post war the company produced diesel powered bulldozers which were used to rebuild the war torn areas of Japan. The company expanded into the USA in the 1960’s and entered into a joint partnership with Dressler to make mining equipment and drilling products. In 1994 Komatsu acquired the partnership and renamed the company Komatsu Mining Systems.

The company now operates a large distribution network throughout the world and manufacturing plants all over Japan. The company employs over 40,000 staff and owns several subsidiaries including industrial machinery manufacturer Kelk Ltd and Gigaphoton INC, a global consultancy.

The current Komatsu product range includes a huge range of machines used in construction and heavy engineering. However other specialist machines include machine tools, presses, laser technology and thermoelectric semiconductor devices used for printed circuit board manufacturing. Komatsu equipment is used across the world in construction, manufacturing, aerospace, transport, distribution and many drilling projects.