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Created in 1850 by Ernst Leybold in Cologne, Leybold is credited with the initial development and innovation of vacuum technology. In 1911 the company was involved with the production of the world’s first molecular air pump and was involved in many burgeoning industries especially medicine, transport and later electronics.

Leybold is now based in Hurth, Germany and was acquired in 2011 by Swiss global engineering company Oerlikon. The Leybold brand has been retained as the manufacturer of vacuum pumps. The company is split into four market segments. These are Process Industry, Information Technology, Analytical Processes and Research & Development. The vacuum products are used in many areas such as air conditioning, TV-tubes and automotive applications, and also in high technological processes like coating of microchips, CDs and DVDs, and the manufacturing of optical glass or analytical instruments.

Leybolds equipment range includes vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum spare parts, vacuum instruments and vacuum consulting. Leybold also offer four applications; Coating, industry, analysis and R&D. The company also offer a range of solutions for existing legacy devices, such as spare parts, exchange, warranty and servicing. Also a range of oils, such as LEYBONOL, greases, and lubricants used across their product range.

In recent news Leybold Vacuum obtained ATEX Certificate for the new range of steel degassing vacuum systems and was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award for the PHOENIX L500i, a new leak detector device.