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Now part of the German multinational company Bosch, Manesty is a UK Company that can trace its foundation back to 1905 when two chemists Capper and Thompson became sole agents for F.J. Stokes Machine Co in Liverpool. By the 1920’s Manesty had to separate the manufacture of pharmaceutical products from the construction of machinery and launched Manesty Machines and began to create a large catalogue of pharmaceutical machines. In 2011 the company was acquired by Bosch and rebranded the Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd. Manesty equipment now offers a range of specialist products, including tablet presses and coaters.

Bosch have integrated another subsidiary, Hüttlin, to create a processing and packaging business that is central to the global pharmaceutical industry. Still based in Liverpool, Manesty equipment is distributed globally to the medicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage industry.

Manesty also supports many legacy products with warranty, spare parts, recommissioning and training. New users can receive training and implementation support plus software support. Many legacy units are still used such as the Autofill transfer system for presses and the BB3B-35 series, launched in the mid 1990’s that  is capable of producing up to a 5/8” diameter tablet at 1490 to 2980 tablets per minute.

Current Manesty equipment includes coaters with a wide range of size flexibility, such as the XL Lab 02 for small scale product development to the Premier 500, fully automated and suitable for very large scale operations. Tablet pressing machines also vary in size with the largest being the Xpress 700 capable of producing 1m tablets an hour.