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Miteq is a global provider of RF microwave components and satellite communications systems. Formed in 1969, Miteq is an acronym for (M)microwave (I)information  (T)transmission (EQ)equipment and the company designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance components and subsystems.

Miteq equipment is used in a wide variety of military and commercial sectors including satellite and ground-based communication systems, missile guidance, military electronic countermeasures, radar warning and surveillance systems, land, sea, and airborne radar, air traffic control radar, radio astronomy and research and development.

In addition to RF microwave applications, Miteq also manufactures a range of other products including amplifiers, directional and hybrid couplers, mixers, multipliers, power dividers & combiners. The company also has a significant presence in Satellite communications. The current range of Miteq SATCOM product s includes frequency converters, translators, redundant switchover units, amplifier systems, video and Inmarsat products, equalizer products, uplink power control products, power amplifiers and custom communication equipment.

In recent news Miteq had launched enhanced SatCom options with new pilot generators with tracking reference functionality and more powerful uplink power control systems.