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Nikon Corporation

Nikon Instruments Products are a subsidiary of the Nikon Corporation, a Japanese multinational manufacturer of optical products, and a market leader in the creation and innovation of optical instruments.

Nikon have several products that span many industries such as microscopes, cell incubation observation, digital pathology, cameras, software, optics and accessories and consultation. The products are used in biophysics, chemical biology, genetics, cellogy, palaeontology, environmental science, forensic science and food science. They have created bespoke “lab on a stick” technology that is widely used in microscopic work on printed circuit boards, semiconductors and electronic equipment. Nikon are at the forefront of modern digital imaging solutions with its DS camera range and Coolscope microscopy.

Nikon are the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, proving it with the highest quality optical output.

Nikon microscopes have been acclaimed on many occasions. In 1978 Nikon provided the microscopes for the world’s first test tube babies and Dolly the sheep was cloned from an adult cell using Nikon optical hardware. The 2012 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to scientists who had used Nikon technology for cellular research.

Nikon was founded in 1917 in Japan as Nippon Kogaku. In 1925 they released their first microscope with a revolving nosepiece and interchangeable objectives. In 1971 Nikon released the CF optical system and the optiphot and labophot microscopes revolutionised medical research and electronic manufacture.

Nikon’s current range of microscope systems offer many different options such as Upright, Inverted, Confocal, Super-Resolution, Stereomicroscopes, Portable and Scanning Electron. Nikon also offer a full range of supporting software and implementation.