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Nissei - Blow Moulding Machine

Nissei ASB Company ltd make blow molding machinery in Nagano Japan for the manufacture of plastic bottles and items. This process will create plastic bottles and jars, molds, containers, packaging and various other sorts of plastic product. These items are used widely in food production, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and all forms of retail industries.

They have a range of products depending on the size of plastic item being manufactured.

The ASB-50MB is an entry level One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding machine for small bottle production with exceptional capabilities and the ASB-12M is a compact machine with jar molding capability and advanced efficiency.

The multi award winning ASB-12N/10 is Ideal for small sized bottles and jars.

In August 2007 the ASB-15N/10E, the world's first 1-step all electric injection stretch blow molding machine, was launched. The PF series was first created 1995 but is still used extensively now for the production of larger items, such as 1.5litre bottles.  In 2008 the PF 4B was launched providing a mineral bottle mould and a dehumidifying resin dryer.

All the ASB products have state of art electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic functionality and are a compact and affordable way to manufacture a variety of plastic bottles and jars.

The HS series is a 2-step hot-fill bottle blow molding machine for high volume production that caters for large production of small items.