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Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd

Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd are a Japanese multinational manufacturing and distributing bi-axial orientated stretch blow molding machines for the production of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles, other plastic bottles, plastic containers, molds, auxiliary equipment and spare parts.

Based in Nagano Japan, Nissei have subsidiaries in USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India and China with sales offices in Denmark, Spain and Indonesia. Nissei distribute machinery to 80 countries globally.

Founded by Katashi Aoki in 1947 Nissei were the first in many areas of plastic processing, manufacture and recycling. The business today was created after acquisition and merger in November 1978.

In Jan 1979 the company patented the world’s first injection stretch blow molding machine.

The machinery is used to manufacture and recycle plastics and is used across the food and beverage industry and also many manufacturing industries, such as transport, medicine, electronics and IT. In fact every plastic item has been manufactured using some form of blow molding.

Nissei are renowned for their injection molding machinery and also the more traditional non injection blow molding.

Nissei in recent times have been heavily involved in creating a cleaner environment for plastic creation and have invented a new high-functional composite material made from carbon nanotube and resin. This is an example of their pioneering new technology and research of new materials based on wood and lightweight metal alloy for practical use as well as developing a recycling technology. Nissei also produce world renowned granulators used for the recycling of plastic.