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Though acquired by USA global engineering giant Vitec in 1998 O’Connor is a reputed brand of camera and lens accessories founded in 1949 by Chadwell O’Connor in Boston, USA. O’Connor equipment revolutionised cinematography and film making and the company’s equipment was used on the Academy Award winning Walt Disney film The Living Desert.

Today, still retained as a brand by Vitec, O’Connor equipment ranges include a variety of fluid heads, tripods, combined packages, support accessories, lens & camera accessories and lens & camera accessory parts. These items are used by film makers, broadcasters, cinematographers, marketing companies and education providers across the world, through a network of sales agents and partners.

 O’Connor equipment has been used in the production of many Hollywood films. As a result of this work, the company has won 6 academy awards and 12 Society of Camera operatives awards for technical advancement. O’Connor technology is used by partner companies such as Sony and has been involved in the recent films Oblivion, Tomorrowland and Gravity.