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Optimizing DIMTER GRECON S75-4 Optimizing DIMTER GRECON S75-4
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Optimization and cross-cutting means:

- Cutting defects
- Cutting fixed length
- Packet cut to length
- Optimization boards

- Best use of wood
- Rationally organized production
- Lighter work and its high security

Saw optimizing, Optimizing DIMTER

Type / model: OPTICUT S 75-4

- Year of Production: 2001
- Condition: Very Good


- Cut length min / max. 400 - 6300 mm
- Loading table - 6300 mm
- Receiving table - 2400mm

- Line fault detection of fluorescence measurement of the length
- Cutting width, min / max. 20 - 360 mm
- Cutting height, min / max. 10-160 mm
- Cutting dimensions of 360x30, 240x160, 300x120 mm
- Feed adjustable max. 60 m / min.

- The installed capacity is approx. 11 kW
- Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz, max voltage fluctuations. 5%
- The operating pressure of 8 bar

Optimizing goes a step forward:

Using the machines are cut the length and grade with minimum consumption of wood. At the same time increasing profitability by optimizing the entire production. While the grade of wood is increasing thanks to cutting faults, Opticut optimizes the use of good wood in determining the best combination of length from the list of cuts between defects. Even the length of the variables that are used for example for certain grades of parquet or are intended to connect a dovetail wedge, or on squared timber window, are normally fully taken into account in optimization. Without hindrance it is also possible to give higher priority to the task of preferred lengths and the amount of cut pieces. Dimter OptiCut usually reads the entire item to be processed and even before the first cut calculates the best optimization solution. This method is called a full optimization.

Woodworking machine DIMTER OptiCut a saving of raw material of 4% - 8% (or even more) compared to the transverse saws manual operation by reducing the amount of waste.

Example :

Even the 8% increase in the use of material from the treatment of 5 m? spruce / day, it may be even more than a year 17,500.00? savings. As for the more expensive wood species savings are similarly increased. Only 4% increase in the use of raw material from the treatment of 5 m? oak / day is saving more than 50,000.00?.

* The cost of raw material: spruce 200? / M ?; oak in 1200? / m?

There is also the increase in the value already reworked material. If you are long since produced elements OptiCut machine investment returns in even less time.

With the machine OptiCut raw material can be better utilized through segregation of different qualities. In this way we get longer elements of good wood, which makes it possible are higher sale prices. Equipped with additional cutters, while optimizing can be considered different width and thickness of elements.

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Optimizing DIMTER GRECON S75-4 Optimizing DIMTER GRECON S75-4.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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