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Red Digital Camera Company

Founded, in 2005, by Jim Jannard, the entrepreneur behind Oakley glasses and leisurewear, the Red Digital Camera Company is a world renowned manufacturer of professional-grade digital cinematography and photography tools. Based in California, RED has sales outlets in London, Berlin and Mumbai, plus physical shops in Hollywood and New York.

Jannard’s aim was to create an out of the box digital camera, on 4k format, that could be used for motion pictures. The first camera, launched in 2007, was called the Red One and used a Mysterium 4K sensor. This camera took the first steps of revolutionising film making as the Red One provided customizable and adaptable features and out-of-the-box functionality in a "feature film quality" yet affordable digital cinema camera. Renowned directors James Cameron and Stephen Soderberg were early users of the new technology.

In 2009 RED developed more upgrades for the original cameras with the launch of Redcine-X, a post-production workflow for both motion and stills and these applications launched the concept of “DSMC” – Digital Stills and Motion Camera.

The current RED equipment range includes the Red One and the Epic Dragon, The Epic Mysterium X and the Scarlet. A full support service is available with the Red Rocket, an application that speeds up the decode and debayer of 4k R3D files in real-time and a range of redlink developer tools and accessories. RED has recently received acclaim for its involvement in the films The Strain and The Hobbit film: Battle of the Five Armies.