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Scientific Atlanta

Now part of the USA based networking and communications company Cisco Systems, Scientific Atlanta is a Georgia, USA, based manufacturer of cable television, telecommunications, and broadband equipment. Having been formed in 1952 by a group of engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scientific Atlanta was initially a research company, investigating the early days of satellite technology. By the 1970’s Scientific Atlanta equipment was central to ,and dominated the early days of satellite television ,with the patented invention of  the concept of cable/satellite connection, which, alongside transportable earth stations developed by TelePrompTer Corporation and manufactured by Scientific-Atlanta, established satellite-delivered television for the cable industry.

The company had also moved into other aspects of satellite usage within the space and defence industries as a manufacturer of electronic testing equipment for antennae, and instruments for testing telephones and acoustic devices with defence applications. The USA military became the company’s biggest client. By the early 1980’s though the company had become the world's largest supplier of satellite earth stations and this led to Scientific Atlanta being able to dominate the set top market and home entertainment sector.

The company was honoured at the 2008 Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for development of interactive Video-on-Demand infrastructure and signalling, leading to large scale VOD implementations, central to the blossoming gaming industry. The company is still a retained brand within the Cisco group and offers a full range of satellite communications tools, consultancy and implementation support.