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Founded in the late 1960’s by Israeli entrepreneur Efi Arazi, Scitex was a multi-national company providing products and solutions in the production, graphic design, printing and publishing markets.

By 1998 Scitex had three principal business units, Scitex Graphic Arts Group, which was acquired by Creo Products Inc. in April 2000, Scitex Digital Printing, based in Dayton, Ohio, sold to Eastman Kodak Company in January 2004 and Scitex Vision, sold to Hewlett-Packard (HP) in November 2005. Once Scitex Vision was acquired it was renamed Scailex Corporation Ltd and has now branched into telephony, computer hardware and android device manufacture.

Many of the Scitex legacy products are still available and the new company still embraces all warranties and post sales requirements. The digital printing and vision products embrace the image setting and scanning markets and are acclaimed for RIP and computer to plate technology. Scitex Vision specialized in producing equipment for large-format printing on both paper and specialty materials.