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Siemens Healthcare - C Arm

Siemens are a manufacturer of C Arm technology allowing market leading medical imaging to aid surgical therapy.

Siemens Healthcare produce a range of medical imaging products designed to individually augment surgical need.

The SIREMOBIL Compact L delivers a faster imaging process with quicker exposures and is used in intraoperative imaging. The machine is used in a wide range of medical areas such as general surgery, orthopaedics, trauma, pain management and ambulatory care. It is a very compact machine and designed for ease of use. It is portable, easy to handle and can be  operates automatically without the need for skilled operators. This means speedier workflow which will significantly cut time and cost savings with daily work. The series is designed for high-quality imaging at a low dose built for user-friendly dovetailing into clinical workflows. Dual flat monitors, image intensifying and multi orientated cameras make the machine ideal for small practices and pain clinics.

There are hybrid operating room procedures too, with the ARTIS series. Artis is the first multi-axis system based on robotic technology that can be positioned flexibly. Siemens has huge experience with installations in operating rooms around the world specializing in vascular, cardiac, cardiovascular, neuro, trauma, and orthopaedics surgery. The Artis zeego was constructed to overcome the limitations of conventional systems in the operating room environment. The Zeego provides broader coverage, including large volume cross-sectional images up to 45 cm (17.7“) in diameter and the opportunity to carry out ergonomic surgery at variable heights.