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Siemens Healthcare - CT Scanner

Based in Erlangen in Germany Siemens manufacture a series of CT Scanners for medical use throughout the world. Though these scanners are intended for medical imaging for clinical sectors some of the technology is used in other industries, such as electronics and communications.

All Siemens’ CT scanners aim for Right Dose results, using the award winning Somatom definition flash and fast care technology. There are four acute areas CT scanning is used, Neuro, Oncology, cardiac & Vascular and acute care. Each requirement have their own specific CT engine, supported by award winning Syngo.via workflow and technology.

The Balance CT Scanner, released in 2011, uses Somaris software and with 2 X ray tubes is highly cost effective. Many of the operating units are automatic allowing less experienced staff to carry out the scan.

The Somatom definition flash has won many awards and can be run on dual or single source, depending on the scan objectives. With Dual Source technology and the Stellar Detectors, the SOMATOM Definition Flash is renowned for dose efficiency. CARE Dose4D, CARE kV, and the Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE1) make up the industry’s only comprehensive dose reduction portfolio ensuring the perfect dose level to deliver the best possible image quality.

Using the ALARA principle: As Low As Reasonably Achievable only Dual Source can consistently make scans fast enough to achieve this image quality at benchmark dose levels and so define the threshold for low dosage in CT scanning. That includes sub-mSv heart imaging, triple-rule-outs that are routinely under two mSv, and ultra-low-dose paediatric scans.