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Siemens EWSD
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For sale, in house, Siemens EWSD, Taken out of service working. Only cards are for sale. Any serious offers will be considered. Already packed and palletized.
Here is the Inventory list:
Qty Model: Part Number Heci code
32 DCCDH-X iss-3 S30050-Q6102-X EGPUCDEBAA
32 RGB-X Iss-1 S300810-Q1324-X EGPUDFOBAA
10 DCCDL-X iss-1 S30050-Q6105-X EGPUCEOBAA
98 DCCDG-X iss-2 S30050-Q6101-X EGPUCCOBAA
32 DLUS24A-X iss-3 S30810-Q1492-X EGMQAM71AC
7 SLMI:FMA-X202 iss-1 S30813-Q164-X202
2 SLMI:FMA-X202 iss-2 S30813-Q164-X202
222 SLMA:FPA-X1 iss-3 S30810-Q1330-X EGS1BFOAAD
30 LTBAM-X1 iss-2 S30810-Q1067-X1 EGMQAL31AB
36 SLMD:QSB-X101 iss-1 S30810-Q1433-X101 EGS1AGOAAC
29 BD-X iss-2 S30810-Q1321-X EGMQAMY1AC
15 FMTU-X1 iss-8 S30810-Q112-X-1 EGMQAM91AB
14 LCMM-X1 iss-4 S30810-Q1113-X EGMOAM51AB
5 ALEX-X101 iss-2 S30801-Q 967-X10 EGMQAK11AB
5 MTAMB-X101 iss1 S30810-Q1066-X101 EGTEDVOBAB
1 SLMI:PHA-X1 iss-2 S30813-Q 191-X
1 SLMI:PHA-X1 iss-3 S30813-Q 191-X
4 SLMI:FMA-X202 iss-? S30813-Q-164-X202 part of plastic tab broke where iss# is
4 DCCDM-X iss-2 S30050-Q6111-X EGPUCGFBAA
1 LCMM-X1 iss-3 S30810-Q1113-X 1 5/01 EGMQALB1AD

1 Ericsson ZHA 901 / 20100920 XALM External Alarm Unit -new in box

2 ADC Kentrox T-Serve II 01-77965023

65 Interconnecting switch cables S30257-Z7730 /Z7678 /Z76678 /Z7570 /Z7555

9 MUT01 Fuse Panel S30122-UO710-X Have wiring harnesses
5 MUT 1 Fuse panel S30805-D2596G-X101
10 AAIU-X S30807-U2544-X-3

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this Siemens EWSD.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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