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Sony Professional - Digital Switcher

Since 1955 Sony Professional have been world leaders in the innovation, creation and production of recording and editing devices used across the globe for film and documentary making, sporting event coverage and news broadcast. The Sony Professional range of switchers has been in manufacturing production since 1974 and the first digital switcher range became available in 1999.

Sony Professional digital switchers are used widely in digital post production, live production and sporting events. Also the range covers newsroom automation, IP live and IP portable AnyCase technology.

Sony editing equipment, such as the HDS and DVS range, revolutionised the way images were edited as a wide range of inputs allowed for multi operation and the need for many machines became obsolete. The DFS range, launched in the early 2000’s, was a digital multi effect video mixer and could work in a 16; 9 or 4; 3 format.

The current range comes in three options. The BVS is a standard, entry level video switcher that can work in standard or high definition. The MCS is a compact switcher, used often off site. The MVS range has entry and mid-range level options and also works in the SD or HD format.

The latest model, the MVS 8000x offers 3G performance with an end to end 1080p capability, with   164 Primary inputs and 68 assignable outputs. The unit also comes with a brand new processing engine with a new internal architecture, enhanced I/O and extensive configurability allowing full compatibility with previous machines.