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Stokes is a manufacturing brand for tablet press equipment that since 2003 has been part of the USA conglomerate CCS. Founded in 1913 as a printing press builder Stokes equipment expanded into the newly burgeoning pharmaceutical industry manufacturing tablet presses and coating devices. Currently Stokes is based in Warrington, Philadelphia and offers a huge range of products, from presses to control systems and inspection machines to polishers.

Stokes is credited with many innovations. The BB range, launched in the 1990’s, provided triple layer capability and increased levels of automation, reducing the need for human operation. The 540 range from the mid 1980’s delivered production of tablets with a maximum diameter of 5/8” at speeds to 2,700 tablets per minute.

Stokes equipment is also associated with control systems for presses. The current range features a tablet press control system that includes an automatic weight cam adjustment, rejection of out of spec tablets, history of each tablet produced and automatic set-up for products.

CCS and Stokes offer a full support service for legacy units, including replacement turrets and spare parts and full training and implementation for new machines. In recent news Stokes has launched a new range of rotary presses, including the 328, a heavy-duty, high-speed compacting press suitable for long operation time and the 566, a multi-layer rotary compacting press designed to produce tablets with up to three separate layers.