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Universal Instruments are an American company that create equipment for manufacturers of printed circuit boards and semiconductors. Since the 1950’s they have been world leaders in the invention and manufacture of automated platforms for the electronics industry and they offer several platforms for pick and place technology.

Universal Instruments pick and place machines are used in all forms of PCB assembly and this technology is used in many parts of the electronics industry, for instance games, communications, audio and visual devices, mobile phones and computer manufacture.

All Universal Instrument pick and place platforms have some similarity, such as common heads, cameras, feeders, control architecture, maintenance routines and software support. This provides the user with huge levels of flexibility and reduced costs.

Having received world acclaim in the 1990’s with the 4688A range, which offered 2.6mpp shared camera technology, Universal then released the GSM 1 and 2 range. The current Genesis 2 is the direct descendant of the GSM range and offers the same high levels of repeatability and uptime, along with fine pitch placement functionality.

There are 2 other platforms available for Universal Instrument pick and place machines. The Advantis is a mid-range, lower cost device that can provide cost effectiveness on small jobs and the Fuzion platform which provides eight options, depending on the work size. The Fuzion is designed to cater for all electronic devices and provides continuous lines of production at any time with high levels of automation and accuracy.