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fully automatic packaging line for packaging of granular and pellet type, sand, gravel, asphalt, soil, lapilli etc ...
It 'a fully automatic line for transforming the bulk material in storable bags on pallets.

The machines that make up the machine are different, and they form a complete fully automatic line for packaging and palletizing material.
The machinery for sale are the following:
Nr. 1 Loading hopper 4 complete mc in internal iron bar to not overload the tape at the time of the load, including the scraper for cleaning the carpet in the rubber and the towing rollers, including control sensor for metering the material output.
The closing and opening of the hopper is controlled by a gate valve connected to the automation system that opens and closes according to the impulse of the packaging
Nr. 1 conveyor belt running below the hopper, including. The rollers about 30 parts, by time-delay system equipped for the determination of material
Nr. 1 conveyor belt that leads from the hopper to the packaging machine dispenser, length 12 m, in time to dose the material correctly, including wiper for cleaning the rubber belt and the rollers
Nr. 1 packaging machine VAI that takes place and the empty spool and turns it into a full bag, welding the plastic in a vertical and horizontal, through a welding system adjustable impulse through a special computer.
or dispenser-time material
or computerized control system
or Porta monofoglia coil
or trainer tube to shape the sack
or pulse welding system
or full automation of the production process
Output per hour or about 600 bags
Nr. 1 Press and turns lots, including computerized and automated system through a photocell system. This machine is used to crush the bag and empty it of air to ensure that after the palletizer you find yourself a compact and easy to handle lots.
No. 1 Robot palletizer Fully automatic CONCEPTS taking the sack from the press, and the system properly positioned in the pallet. Ability to set 15 working programs and have several of the bags.
Fully computerized, it is regulated and connected to the time and the speed of the packaging machine and lots of press.
or palletizer Cartesian AXY
or automated roller conveyor for transport bags
or order sack race Sensor
or take lots System
or system of accuracy for positioning the pallet
or photocell safety system does not allow anyone to step into the space while the palletizer is in operation
Compressor Kaeser certificate and revised for the production of compressed air that feeds the machine, more dryer to remove moisture from the air and does not allow water to clog the pipes and tank new certificate for the air seal up to a maximum of 20 bar.

Used equipment can sell very quickly. Contact the seller asap to discuss this VAI - CONCETTI V05.

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Asking Price
Only 1 Available on the Marketplace!
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